It is the primary goal of the Lexington Pit Crew adoptions team to find the home best fit for every individual dog. Thus, applications are not processed in a first come, first served manner. Please make sure that you read the dog’s Petfinder biography in its entirety before applying.

There are certain conditions that must be met before applicants can be deemed eligible for adoption:

  1. Lexington Pit Crew does not place female dogs together if they are within 3 years of age. This policy was put in place after multiple instances of females in the same home reaching the age of maturity and one or both become aggressive with each other, causing fights. The LPC adoptions team does everything in our power to ensure that our dogs stay in their forever homes and are not returned to us, so that we can focus on saving the lives of more dogs.
  2. Lexington Pit Crew will only consider applicants who live within a 4-hour drive of Lexington, Kentucky, unless the applicant has been referred to LPC by a board member.
  3. Homeownership will be verified, or we will call the applicant’s landlord/property management company to obtain approval for the applicant to adopt.
  4. All current pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on at least their Rabies and Distemper vaccinations. Indoor-only cats may be exception to our vaccination requirements. In the event that applicants choose not to vaccinate for personal reasons, or if vaccinations were not recommended by the applicant’s vet for age or medical issues, LPC will review on a case-by-case basis.
  5. One to two personal references will be called and interviewed.
  6. A home visit will be conducted to ensure that the residence and property is safe and fit for a dog.
  7. In most cases, a meet and greet with the LPC dog and the applicants’ current pets is required before the applicant can start the 2-week adoption trial period. No individual meet and greets will be scheduled until an applicant is fully approved.

LPC adoptions start off with a 2-week trial period to ensure that the LPC dog is a good fit for your family and current pets. The adoption fee is due the day an adopter starts the 2-week trial period. In the event that the adoption does not work out within those two weeks, the adopter will be refunded all but a $50 donation.

After an application is submitted, a member of our Adoptions team will respond within 72 hours. Please do not reach out to LPC before then. We are all volunteers and get to applications as soon as we can.

If at any point during the application process, you adopt elsewhere or wish to withdraw your app, please let us know ASAP.