Since July of 2013, Lexington Pit Crew has had the privilege of saving, providing vet care, and spaying or neutering over 150 pit bull or pit bull mix dogs in the central Kentucky area.

My name is Shannon. I’m a mother of four human children, a mother to several 4 legged children, and one bearded dragon. I adopted my first pit in 2010. His name is Jango and he has been referred to as the Dogfather of Lexington Pit Crew. My love for him is what drove me to start this rescue. To stand up and wage an all-out war on the ignorance and bias that bully breeds face daily. He is the reason I’m no longer part of the ignorance and bias that plague pit bulls. And he’s the reason I will continue to fight tirelessly! 

My initial objective was to create awareness and educate the Central KY area about the awesomeness of bully breeds. As time went on, I met more and more bully breed advocates who wanted to help take LPC a step further, so that we could rescue dogs from this area. Over the course of the last 6 years, LPC has saved hundreds of dogs. This is a team effort. A team made up of volunteers. Volunteers who have families, jobs that actually pay them, and other things that require their time. They volunteer because it’s a passion for them. They desire to give of their time because they value the lives of the defenseless animals we fight for each day. 

Shannon Smith
Founder & Foster Liaison
Ciara Hagedorn
Application Processing & Intake
Leigh Ann Padgett
Accounting & Supplies Coordinator
Nikki Duncan
Fundraising & Social Media

Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.